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This year I will hit my mid thirties and as one of the first generation of proper gamers I find myself looking fondly back on my past days as a gamer with rose tinted glasses.

As an ardent gamer still in my mid thirties (playing still around 10+ hours of games a week), I find my interest waning in games in general.  I find that allot of the new games just look like repackaged old games, repackaged and maybe even with a new layer of paint on the top they still are just another guise for an older game.  I now tend to wonder when the excitement of not only playing new games but making them wore off, maybe I am just finally growing up but the new games of this generation of consoles just do not hold my attention any more.  I can now count on one hand the games I have finished and only a few more than I have actually really enjoyed enough to play them for double digit hours. Read More »