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So many games to play, why gaming companies can’t spread their releases out over the 6 month winter period is beyond me. Multiple Shooter games going up against Call of duty just seems a touch stupid business practice, no matter what they will lose out if they launch a couple months either side. This is something battlefield is finding out right now on the consoles.

So I’ve gotten battlefield 3, MW 3, Skryim and LOTOR:War of the north recently and I find most if not all my play time dominated by Skyrim, sure the other games are all decent (both the FPS multiplayer games are fun in their own way and Lord of the Rings is a good hack em up) but I find myself just utterly blown away by Skyrims attention to detail and just wide ranging things to do.


This year I will hit my mid thirties and as one of the first generation of proper gamers I find myself looking fondly back on my past days as a gamer with rose tinted glasses.

As an ardent gamer still in my mid thirties (playing still around 10+ hours of games a week), I find my interest waning in games in general.  I find that allot of the new games just look like repackaged old games, repackaged and maybe even with a new layer of paint on the top they still are just another guise for an older game.  I now tend to wonder when the excitement of not only playing new games but making them wore off, maybe I am just finally growing up but the new games of this generation of consoles just do not hold my attention any more.  I can now count on one hand the games I have finished and only a few more than I have actually really enjoyed enough to play them for double digit hours. Read More »