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So I’ve been playing through allot of my backlog of games recently, and one thing has struck me…

When did a 10 hours(ish) play time become acceptable as a full game? I mean a full on game that has been in production for 5 years, delivering a mediocre storyline that has been done before and a 7-10 hour run time be acceptable? The latest game that has just tipped the balance (or broke the camels back) recently was Rage, awesome visuals, awesome art and the engine is top notch, seriously this game looks -spit- “Next Generation” (sorry I hate this term), it has better texture resolution and visuals than even the mighty vaunted Battlefield 3 as far as I am concerned but it’s totally let down by a loose story and a real short game overall. You know what? I’m pissed off, that I paid allot of cash for something that has lasted 10 hours or so, for example I could have spent double the amount of time it took to play the game in a cinema watching moves for half the price..

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