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After reading allot of blogs recently about how the future of tech is so bright especially mobile phone/smart phone tech.

I quote tobold

I’ve been reading too many technology articles lately. The death of Steve Jobs has “inspired” a lot of people to write about the bright future of personalized computing, of smart phones, tablet computers, and dreams about what we’ll get when we combine mobile computing with GPS localization and social networks. We can even throw in some medical devices, like a heart rate monitor.

Personally after the last few weeks of dealing with several different devices and providers of mobile phone/data, I can honestly say I don’t think it’s that bright.  But I will add the caveat that us brits and especially our mobile companies are behind the times.  Firstly our coverage of even the most basic data rate (3g) is woefully inadequate, I spent last week in the west of the country where there are some major cities and tourist places but for 99% of the time there was little or no 3g signal to be had all week.  I come back to the south coast to see that 3g doesn’t work inside my workplace or home and that I have to actually stand outside to get a proper signal.  This combined that the GPS wouldn’t locate a damn thing when there was just a smattering of rain around (well at least on the west coast anyway).  All this leads me to think that there is so much to be done before this type of tech revolution can take place, it’s well and good if you live in a major city but for those of us who live in a suburb or rural areas …. we’re basically S.O.L.

Combine this with short battery life (if you are using GPS+3g and heavens forbid you actually want to watch a video or listen to some tunes on your phone) and heavy costs for data over mobile, I just don’t see it catching on very well until data caps are removed and/or costs are reduced.

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