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This year I will hit my mid thirties and as one of the first generation of proper gamers I find myself looking fondly back on my past days as a gamer with rose tinted glasses.

As an ardent gamer still in my mid thirties (playing still around 10+ hours of games a week), I find my interest waning in games in general.  I find that allot of the new games just look like repackaged old games, repackaged and maybe even with a new layer of paint on the top they still are just another guise for an older game.  I now tend to wonder when the excitement of not only playing new games but making them wore off, maybe I am just finally growing up but the new games of this generation of consoles just do not hold my attention any more.  I can now count on one hand the games I have finished and only a few more than I have actually really enjoyed enough to play them for double digit hours.

I now find the lack of innovation in the mainstream developers quite alarming, yes I know it takes tens of millions now to create a game and that ‘chance’ taken by publishers and developers is hundred fold more than in previous years.  But I have to ask is creating clones of other successful games and the unadulterated churning out of endless sequels the right way to try and gain more money for their products?

The only spark of originality seems to be coming from mobile gaming right now as much as I hate it,  some of these titles are making more than some of the mainstream games being put out as rehashed old shit.  With the release of UDK/Unity and more recently the new Crytek SDK, there seems to have been a resurgence in the independent games scene, with a fair amount of very playable and cheap games coming out that are not only made to a high standard but also making decent money.

With this I see something that is an untapped market for not only PC publishers but also consoles (and of course mobile gaming).  An app market for windows games or consoles with less strict terms of publication would do wonders imo, currently for consoles you need to have a ton of cash to even get through the front door, meaning you have to deal with third party publishers to even get meetings set up.

I think the success of mobile gaming (thank you iphone and android) might tempt the big three console manufacturers into doing something about it, especially with the next generation of consoles on the horizon, I think if they don’t tap this sort of market for cheaply produced and cheaply sold games for mass market consumption then I think it’s something that will be a big loss to the independent developer and this generation of bedroom programmers.

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