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So, been really busy recently on other things but had chance to update quickly on my weapon that I’ve been fumbling about with for months.

I’ve been struggling with the smoothing of the front and rear sights and how I’m going to bake it down for the low poly. But I’ve managed to get the rear sight done and baked down to a reasonable level (I might revisit it later, as it will be up close viewed in Aim-down-sight mode) now I had to tackle the front sight, which comes in various forms depending on what set up is being used by the user but I went for something in between the various sights that I’ve been looking at.

This is only a view port grab, because rendering at this stage is pretty useless, especially when it’s the high polygon version only.  Once it has been baked down and I’ve finished the barrel I will post a section by section break down.  This brings my high poly model up to around 1.9million and this is not counting the preliminary poly count for the high-poly Red dot, front grip, grenade launcher ,  tac-light and assault scope attachments.

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  1. Nice, it’s coming along well mate. Will be nice to see the finished article.

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