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So I’ve started on a weapon, now let me state this is my first weapon ever that I have actually carried on modelling to a high standard (well my high standard).

Hi poly version of SCAR L

SCAR L (hi poly) (WIP)

I started with making a base first as I found jumping right into a hi poly version very difficult to proportion correction, I don’t know if it is my work flow with weapons or not, but I always seem to get overly distracted by adding allot of detail very quickly and lose sight of the end objective of making a decent hi polygon version.  This is something I working on doing over the coming months.  The polycount for the high polygon version is around 700k right now which maya doesn’t seem to be having much trouble as it is split into five or so different sections to help with normal map baking.

The low polygon version is around 4.8 with 4 picitanny rails modelled quite correctly, unlike games like modern warfare2 and badcompany 2 where they are just normal mapped so I think even with the right side pic rail taken off (around 300 tris) I can add allot more detail to the lower poly version of the model.  The picture here is in various states of baking high to low normal maps and test textures (to see how it comes out)  allot more detail needs to still go into the stock texture (stock release button and also the hole near the chin rest need to be both done).  Also playing with ambient occlusion render to texture settings to see if I can get something decent for the base texture.  This is not representative of the final texture but more of a test to see how things come out.

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