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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Most people wont know this, and I picked it up from a forum I frequent but it’s the best peice of advice I’ve picked up in the last few weeks regarding baking normal maps in Maya and using them in UDK.  I used to bake the normal maps from high to low polygon then take the normal map into photo shop and reverse the green channel then it would look correct in UDK.  But after seeing this small piece of advice it saved countless man hours over the coming hours.

Maya normal map fix

simple ...

This saves the whole photo shop step, by baking the normal map correctly for UDK (and also displaying it correctly), just click left handed co-ord system and it will save time and effort by the boatload if you, like me spend allot of time using maya for normal baking and modelling.


So I’ve started on a weapon, now let me state this is my first weapon ever that I have actually carried on modelling to a high standard (well my high standard). Read More »

So, I thought I’d start a new blog up for the upcoming UDK game I am working on.  Displaying a few things that I am working on (or messing up as the case maybe).

The as yet untitled project is a first person shooter that is a combination of futuristic elements but based around allot of today’s tech.  We are currently looking for character artist and animator and possibly an texture artist who are all familiar with UE3/UDK.  The team consists of 6 people so far and we are fair way through coding and quite a few of the props and environmental work is under way along with the weapons are progressing well.